I love to teach people and help them realize their goals.

Having Instructed large groups of working professionals in advanced design techniques and workflows with Apple and Adobe Software, I feel at home leading a classroom. I have provided education through learning-centered instruction in colleges that enabled graduates to fulfill the evolving needs of the marketplace. I also try to prepare students for their careers by hosting seminars on special interests.

I hope these tutorials benefit you, if you would like to discuss my teaching abilities, please contact me.


A compilation of student work created under my instruction at the Arts Institute - California, San Diego.

Live Motion Graphics demo at Comic-Con 2011

A basics overview of Adobe After Effects

Strokes and motion paths - Adobe Illustrator to After Effects

How to import and use swatches in Adobe Illustrator

How to build a lightwrap in Adobe After Effects

Adobe Illustrator to Adobe After Effects workflow

How to track footage and make a matte with Mocha AE

How to expose layers with paint in Adobe After Effects

Keying in After Effects with keylight and light wrapping

How to use strokes in Adobe After Effects

Wap stabilizer, vector logos and brush on mattes - Adobe Illustrator

Basic Chroma Keying with Keylight in After Effects

Creating kinetic type and camera rigs in Adobe After Effects

Using After Effects, Media Encoder, Dreamweaver and Flash to make alpha aware video content for the web

Creating text animations and presets in After Effects

Creating a rack focus with expressions in After Effects

Importing and using Illustrator vector graphics in After Effects

Understanding color bit depth and how to use 32bpc to create high end looks in After Effects

Creating animation based on audio in After Effects